About Shawparth

Shawparth food packaging suppliers is a family owned and run business established by the current director, Juan Parthenides. We started out as a distributor of packaging products with a specific focus on the pizza outlet market. Since then we have grown rapidly. We are the exclusive Queensland food distribution holder for Coup-on-a-Box, authorized distributor for famous Australian packaging brand Castaway, and now distribute a fabulous range of food and cleaning products.

We service a wide customer base, from Cairns all the way to Byron Bay. Our customers include large nationals such as PFD Foods, and also pizza shops, and other Queensland food suppliers. No customer is too big or small.

Our prices are super competitive because we don’t have large overheads and, due to our large volume of sales, are able to negotiate great deals with our supply partners. We run lean and mean, and that’s why we are the fastest growing food distributor in Queensland.

In 2011 we added cleaning products to our range, and in 2013, we decided that we should diversify into food and are now a leading wholesale food supplier in Brisbane. We now supply all non-refrigerated food products used by pizzerias, cafes and restaurants.

We are Queensland’s fastest growing food and packaging company providing unbeatable service and amazing pricing