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Shawparth Shawparth food packaging suppliers is a family owned and run business established by the current director, Juan Parthenides. We started out as a distributor of packaging products with a specific focus on the pizza outlet market. Since then we have grown rapidly. Facebook


Shawparth Food & Packaging is a leading distributor of beverages in Queensland. We supply a wide range so contact us today for your drink requirements.

Wallaby Water

Shawparth is proud to introduce the first aluminum bottled water – Wallaby Still Spring Water.

Pristine Australian Spring Water Volcanic Filtered and bottled at the source in beautifully designed Aluminium Bottles and Aluminium Lids.

  • Aluminium bottles chill faster, and stay colder for longer!
  • 100% of the aluminium bottles are 100% recyclable
  • 67% of all aluminium beverage containers are recovered and recycled, making it the most recycled beverage container in Australian and the world!
  • Product Code: WWSTILL400B
  • Wallaby Water-Still Spring Bottle Alum. 24x400ml Carton

Wallaby proudly donates 10% of proceeds to Aussie Wildlife c/o Australian Marine Conservation Society & Australian Wildlife Conservancy!

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Capi Drinks

Capi drinks are a pure, clean, and natural range of carbonated refreshments. 100% Australian owned and made locally, Capi have secured the finest natural extracts and botanicals the world over to ensure a totally authentic product.

Free from preservatives, synthetic ingredients, GMO, artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners or any other chemical ingredients used in producing carbonated beverages.


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Carton Water

There is a growing desire amongst many of us to do our bit for the environment
and the greater planet.
One of the biggest problems is plastic bottles!!
Shawparth has identified a great product that we want to share with you Australian Carton Water.

Pure filtered Australian water packaged in cardboard cartons. BPA free, recyclable made from renewable sources and biodegradable.

Yes, many will always buy cheap plastic bottled water!

However, a portion of your clients do care about themselves and the environment and they will appreciate you giving them a better option.

Do your bit for your customers and the planet…….

Try it today: Cartons of 20 x 500ml are only $29.00 ($1.45 each)

Some of you already range the American imported version……reduce your footprint and buy local Australian water.

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