Everybody loves PIZZA! Every day around Australia, thousands of Aussies enjoy takeaway and home delivered pizza.

This presents pizza shop owners with a unique opportunity. By utilizing custom printed pizza boxes designed with your store logo and details, you are able to advertise your brand more effectively than a plain or generic pizza box.

At Shawparth Food & Packaging Services, we specialise in providing the finest quality custom printed pizza boxes to restaurants, pizza store, and fast food vendors throughout Brisbane. Our range includes:

  • Generic pizza boxes in plain white, brown & printed
  • Custom Print Pizza boxes with your logo & design
  • Australian Made and locally produced
  • Recyclable

Our graphic designer will work closely with you, understand your marketing needs and create the perfect pizza boxes using the highest-grade craft material. Shawparth offers all standard size printed pizza boxes at a wholesale rates. Available sizes are 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 18 inches.

Please note – Other sizes are available in all ranges upon request.

Using creatively printed custom pizza boxes is always a good idea to grab people’s attention for your brand or products. There is a reason why Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut have custom printed pizza boxes, as this enhances their advertising and branding. This not only helps big companies to enhance their brand value but can also boost sales as well.

Shawparth Food & Packaging Services supply custom printed pizza boxes that are not just beautifully designed but serve as a great place to advertise your pizza store or restaurant. We ensure bespoke designs and colour combinations are used to creatively convey your message to your target audience. We also use quality pizza box material to ensure pizza remains fresh and hot while on the way to the customer.

Buying custom printed pizza boxes wholesale from Shawparth is easy and stress-free. We have been delivering quality packaging material to pizza shops and restaurants for years since 2006 and are the leading supplier of disposable food packaging in Queensland.

Contact us today to discuss your custom print pizza box requirements. Our Friendly staff are experienced and will guide you through every step.

For enquiries, please call us at 07 3133 4409 or drop us a line via our contact us page.